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Business Challenge

Covid-19 has taught us that our office buildings need to play a different role in the work-live balance mix. Employees expect the office to be healthy and provide insights on room and parking space occupancy so that a well thought decision can be made on what the working location will be on a particular day. Fixed offices are no longer the standard and reserving a desk like a meeting room is slowly but surely being introduced, driving the opportunity for organizations to reduce the overall office capacity required. 

IT Challenge

IT is facing the following challenges:
  • How do I easily get an insight on health metrics in an IT environment that I know?
  • How do I easily get an insight on occupancy, for example of meeting rooms, huddle rooms, collaboration rooms or parking spaces?
  • How can I pro-actively act on these insights?
  • Can I integrate this with the Outlook Calendar and / or Microsoft Teams (Meeting Room Systems)
  • Can I introduce this as a SaaS solution?

Our Solution

Our Smart-Office-Live Solution connects one of the leading IoT platforms in the market. It provides access to information of thousands of sensors and hundreds of vendors using Microsoft 365.  The Microsoft Power Platform enables you to action on signals, thresholds and / or provide live insights on office usage via Dashboards.

Your Benefits

  • Optimize office space and rental costs based on actual usage of rooms and / or desks
  • Optimize electricity and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) cost based on (near) real-time data of office utilization
  • Share important health metrics, such as about CO2 levels, (near) real-time with the meeting attendees of the applicable room
  • Provide occupancy insights to users considering a commute to the office. For example about the (meeting) room and / or parking availability
  • Automatically release booked offices, desks and / or (meeting) rooms that are booked (reserved) but not utilized after a certain amount of time. As a result effectively increasing office, desk and room capacity

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