We classify our Cloud projects into three levels:

  • Innovate for a competitive edge
  • Provide Business Value
  • Fix the core

Surely, acquiring interest of the Business and getting the right Project sponsorship will be easiest when projects are innovative or directly contribute to business goals. However, these projects cannot succeed if there is no solid foundation. For example, outdated Workplaces impact the options in the area of compliance, security, AI etc.

To help our clients position our offerings we have divided them into the above-mentioned domains. 

Fix the Core

Our propositions in the “Fix the Core” domain focus on:

  • Financial Insight and Cost Reduction
  • Simplification and Cloudification of your IT landscape
  • Harmonization and Centralization of Processes
  • Elastic foundation for Business and Innovative Projects

File Sharing

Cloudify On-Premises Fileserver Infra and Integrate it with Microsoft Teams.

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The cheapest NCE and Azure Licenses via the best Marketplace including usage reporting and cost management

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Business Value

Our propositions in the “Business Value” domain focus on:

  • Increase fun and personnel satisfaction
  • Increased measures for security
  • Increased measures for compliance
  • Reduce travel to elementary travel
  • Less Infra to manage, more IT capacity available for Business Goals
  • Best-of-Suite for all the tools Business Users need under a single layer of compliance and security


Unique experience-driven approach to deploy a Microsoft 365 cognitive digital workplace

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Integrate your SharePoint News with Device and Location Agnostic Multi-Site Narrowcasting

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Microsoft Teams
File Explorer

Integrate your Cloudified File Shares with Microsoft Teams

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Power Platform

From optimizing workflows to your own Citizen developers, Simplify processes with our Power Platform Services

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Our propositions in the “Innovation” domain focus on:

  • Use the Microsoft Power Platform to innovate with a quick turnaround
  • Leverage the Power of AI and Machine Learning to unlock unknown knowledge and insights
  • Integrate the Internet of Things with your Digital Workplace
  • Extend with applicable Azure Services such as Cognitive Search 

Your Smart
Office Live

Leverage the Power of IoT to improve meeting quality, reserve desks, check parking lot occupancy etc.

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