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Business Challenge

Business is always looking for ways to further streamline workflows across different applications and systems and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with personalized experiences and data insights. Empowering employees to collaborate effectively and leverage data and artificial intelligence to make informed decisions by means of automation. Undeniably the Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power Pages) offers endless possibilities to companies in the form of a (very) large toolset to add real valie for business users. Furthermore, the Microsoft Power Platform provides companies with an opportunity to adopt a culture of innovation. Being a highly strategic platform for Microsoft, the company invests heavily in the further development of the Power Platform. New functions and possibilities are added at a record rate. Most businesses face one or more of the following challenges around the Microsoft Power Platform:
  • How do I continuously keep track of the opportunities the platform offers and convert them into a competitive advantage.
  • Can I and how do I leverage citizen development?
  • How to gather and maintain the right level of platform knowledge?
  • How to identify use cases for the platform to quickly respond to evolving market conditions? 
  • How to build a professional team that is able to meet the ever changing needs of the business?

IT Challenge

With Citizen Development the key challenge that can backfire on IT is Governance; how can we avoid an uncontrolled growth of the critical business processes created with the Power Platform. Being a user-friendly, low/no code platform, the business can quickly build all types of mission critical solutions outside the radar of IT. In the end the IT organization is often held responsible for a secure, compliant and maintainable Power Platform environment and the processes that run on it. Therefore, IT needs to build upfront established Governance and tools that allows to monitor usage and impact across the entire tenant.

IT-departments need to be equipped properly to become the reliable partner for the business, allowing for the fast delivery of dev-ops style applications that meet their needs with greater efficiency. They need to set up proper organizational change and incident management processes to meet business demands.

Typically, IT departments struggle getting the required knowledge level and Power Platform development power. By introducing low code platforms such as the Power Platform, junior developers, citizen developers, and other employees can develop technological solutions to problems. Still, developers are not easy to find due to the huge demand. Furthermore, you might not directly want to put them on your payroll before testing the waters. 

To solve this you might start by looking for a party to support you or for a flexible resource layer that you can easily scale before building your own team of (Citizen) developers

Our Solution

Eden Akers has a four-phase approach to help companies leverage the opportunities offered by the Microsoft Power Platform;

  1. Prepare the Microsoft Power Platform by setting up a proper Architecture and Governance framework
  2. Conduct a first (small) Power Platform Project in low hanging fruit areas such as described in the “Business Challenge” paragraph
  3. Provide Support and Maintenance for the “Run” phase 
  4. Staff your Business with Microsoft Power Platform Expertise

Setup Power Platform Architecture and Governance

When introducing the Power Platform into your organization it is crucial to set up a proper Governance and Architecture structure. Our professionals have a vast background in setting up and/or optimizing a professional organization that will form a solid foundation for developing, implementing, and maintaining your Power Platform solutions.

Conduct a first Microsoft Power Platform Project

We can jointly conduct a project that immediately adds value for the business (efficiency, quality, control, etc.)

Essential elements in our Power Platform projects are:

  • Setup the project team and development approach – Ensure the team controls the development process with new safeguards, roles, responsibilities, and procedures, if needed.
  • Identify/describe the business need and goals (what problem do I want to solve? When is it successful)
  • Design the solution – decide how the data will be organized, accessed, and stored and sketch out the app screens
  • Ensure your data is ready – Confirm that your data capturing, storage, and management processes lend themselves to integration with your low-code development platform
  • Appoint platform administrators, identify users, and conduct training/adoption sessions
  • Configuration settings – Establish all necessary authentication processes, security settings, and integrations.
  • Conduct a security review – Make sure your settings meet all enterprise security requirements.
  • Grant licenses – Authorize the developers and business users who will build apps using this new solution.

We offer various roles in such a project varying from Project Managers, Success Managers (Adoption), Trainers, (offshore)Developer, Quality Assurance; Architects; etc.

Provide Support and Maintenance for the “Run” Phase

To keep benefiting, Eden Akers can provide Support and Maintenance for the “Run” Phase of the solution that has been created:

  • Second level support (Remote)
  • Bug Fixing
  • Respond to (technical) questions within the agreed SLA
  • Make functional adjustments/improvements to the Power Apps, Reports, etc.

Staff your Business with Microsoft Power Platform Expertise

Through our partnership with Linden-IT we help you build and expand your own Power Platform team in a flexible manner fitting your specific needs and timelines.

Our Power Platform developer candidates have a minimum skillset before we introduce them to you:

  • WO/Master level
  • Tested on cognitive abilities for low-code development
  • 1-month bootcamp training resulting in PL-900, PL-100, PL-200, and PSM-1 certification

To staff your company with knowledgeable Microsoft Power Platform (Citizen) Developers we offer the following growth path:

  • You hire our Power Platform developers which at that time are still starters (they are available full-time)
  • Each 6 weeks we will pay a visit to discuss progress and the training (certification) plan to further develop the Developers as per your needs
  • During the first year Eden Akers will provide the training as per the agreed skills- and training plan
  • Within the first year (1800 hours) you have the possibility to end the contract on a monthly basis

After the first year you have the option to offer the developer an employment contract in your company.

Your Benefits

  • Look before you leap – start with your Microsoft Power Platform Architecture and Governance, assuring sustainable, flexible, and secure business process automations build on top of it
  • “Start Small” with a first, externally staffed, project showing the Business Benefits to the company, while gaining experience
  • Assure that everything keeps on running with our Maintenance and Support Services
  • “Grow Fast” doing more projects and start building your own Team of (Citizen) Microsoft Power Platform Developers

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