Modern Workplace

Business Challenge

Employees have high expectations about the ability to work and collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device. They expect relevant information to be available instantly and have the right tools to do their job and get proper training.

An increasing workforce working remotely introduces complexity to manage and monitor productivity and ensure a proper work-life balance. Also, information quality and information overload pose challenges to make real-time decisions. 

Implementing a modern workplace means that you need to address all these challenges, convince users of the benefits and manage the change.

IT Challenge

Because technology is evolving faster than your organization can keep up with, employees are often using devices, apps and software versions that aren’t supported by IT to collaborate with co-workers and clients. This results in ‘shadow IT’, (cyber)security risks and pressure on IT departments to implement clear governance and policies.

IT needs to make an appropriate selection of the latest workplace technology.  With compromised IT budgets and a shortage of skilled resources this is not an easy task.

Your Benefits

  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Advanced security threat, identity, app, data and device protection
  • Seamless collaboration and communication
  • Streamlined workflows across locations and platforms
  • Accessible content and efficient search
  • Employee engagement, learning and well-being
  • Quick access to user friendly collaboration and productivity tools
  • Scalable with your growth

Our Approach

Every Modern Workplace implementation needs to have the Business User in mind every step of the way.

A successful implementation always incorporates:

  • Adoption to truly embed the workplace in your organisation
  • Architecture and Technology based on business requirements and good practices, all documented in a design
  • A Project Approach that focuses on quality, budget, timelines, assumptions and risk

Our Solution

Our solution is based on our vision to focus on adoption for a sustainable implementation, doing so in a controlled manner by applying a project management methodology that fits your organization, while designing the workplace ‘with the end in mind’ based on business requirements. For each project we do, we apply our 6-phase project method. (For more info on our vision on the Modern Workplace, please click here)

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