Modern File Sharing

Business Challenge

Moving to modern ways of working with Microsoft Teams, without losing user productivity or data because of the change required. Seizing the opportunity of releasing legacy structures in which files are stored.

IT Challenge

Management is expecting legacy fileserver infrastructure to move to the cloud, resulting in the following IT challenges:
  • How to migrate? Everything to Microsoft Teams? To SharePoint? To a Fileserver in the Cloud?
  • What about Search?
  • What about Backup?
  • What about performance (for large files)?
  • How to deal with my home drives?
  • How to deal with the legacy of permissions for group drives?
  • How do we get the data from our datacenters to the Cloud in this little time?
  • How to deal with document links that will be broken after the migration?

Our Solution

Helps you fully cloudify your file servers while providing the opportunity to do a fresh Microsoft Teams setup. All files are findable via Search and, where required, local ‘file performance’ can be offered.

We offer a fixed price end-to-end service to move data to the Microsoft Cloud in a secure and easy manner, and by doing so, unlocking the full potential of the Microsoft Cloud.

Your Benefits

  • Modern Collaboration and Productivity with Microsoft Teams
  • Full service concept
  • Fixed budget. No hidden cost
  • Existing File Server data fully integrated in Microsoft Teams using our Microsoft Teams File Explorer
  • All data searchable in Microsoft 365
  • More satisfied employees
  • Cost savings from decommissioned legacy infrastructure

Our Migration Approach

Our migration approach starts with a fixed-price workshop to determine your requirements. It will deliver you an overview of these requirements and a Solution Outline.

Based on the Solution Outline an offer is made for the implementation including the following stages:

  • Prepare – data structure and migration targets
  • Involve – your end users so they adopt the new solution
  • Anticipate – network impact and migration errors
  • Test – by doing a Proof of Concept
  • Migrate – all data in a phased and secure manner
  • Verify – result with key stakeholders

Our Cloud Migration Factory

Over the years Eden Akers has developed a fully automatic Cloud Migration Factory that migrates all your data to the Cloud and fixes broken links in files. 

Our end-to-end migration service incorporates:

  • Advice on most suitable migration strategy, platform and adoption steps
  • PowerShell script driving the automation of the Migration Tooling, including error handling
  • Standard migration templates
  • Enhanced status Reporting
  • Massive Data transfer without utilizing your network 

Want to know more?

Please watch this 50-minute presentation given during the Expert Live event in 2022.

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