HCS-Company Microsoft Services continues as Eden Akers

HCS Company Microsoft Services continues as Eden Akers

For 7 years we have been specialists in guiding organizations and employees on their digital journey and the transition to the Microsoft Cloud. Experience has taught us that the success of digitization projects is based on 3 pillars:

  • Sustainable use of new possibilities through adoption for end users
  • Controlled change through the use of the right project management methodology
  • Requirements based solutions designed with the end in mind

We have converted this into our project approach (“Ease”) for Digitization projects.

As a the next step, we have worked hard over the past year on a new name branding and web site.

From January 1st, 2023, HCS Company Microsoft Services will continue its business under the name Eden Akers and today we will start this transition, so you will increasingly encounter our new name.

Our passion and ambition to help more organizations digitize through the Microsoft Cloud remains undiminished:

  • We believe in sustainable relationships and this is reflected in our 6 promises
  • We focus on high quality with our proven 6-phase project approach
  • Our  adoption approach guarantees a sustainable implementation
  • We only work with the best (inter)national professionals

Did you know that we offer a plug-in that gives users within Microsoft Teams quick access to documents that are on a traditional file share? Users then no longer have to switch between Teams and Explorer to access their files. Or that we have an easy-to-use Modern Web Part enabling your SharePoint Online based Intranet to also be used for Narrowcasting? Introducing a single place for sharing news to your organization while the reach is maximized.

For our other services, please look around on this website.

Sander Eek
Managing Partner