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With our experience-based approach we empower business users and align Microsoft Cloud Technology
to the heartbeat of your organization

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Experience has Eden Akers convinced that projects can only be successful if sustainable usage is achieved through adoption, sufficient controls are in place by means of Project Management and that the Solution is “Designed with the end in Mind” using the appropriate technology.
= Adoption success, = Value delivered, = Effort requested. Great Adoption is preceded by good Governance and is achieved when Value delivered exceeds the change Effort requested.
Our experience based 6-phase project model is used to ensure successful projects with happy users, delivering the agreed quality, within budget and time.

“Don’t change a setting without a business justification” is an example of how to make the Microsoft Cloud really work for you by sticking to Good Practices and Architecture Principles.

Eden Akers provides Adoption, Architecture plus Technology and Project Managment Services to help you adopt Microsoft Cloud technology on 3 levels:

  • Fixing the Core – Sometimes you just need to refresh your IT foundation
  • Business Value – Deliver sustainable value and fun for your users
  • Innovation – to help distinguish your organization in the market and for employees
  • Execute projects that bring value
  • Leverage our experience based approach
  • Use the latest Microsoft Cloud tools
  • Commit to result, planning and budget
  • Focus on intelligent- and quick wins
  • Stick to Microsoft standards and good practices

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